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#Goodmorning #Paris #Louvre #PFW being a tourist is fun, early #morning

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Some crayon drawings.  Among them are cartoons of my wife; it was her birthday.  She’s a very patient woman.

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Cast away on our own private island today muwhhaaa (at Great Dog Island)

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The Maple Budino at Locande Verde…..

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The Maldives are just incredible and perfect for a little Thursday Day Dream action. If only we could swim over there now…

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A Life in Miniature 

By Jenny Bahn

Maybe it’s just because I live in New York City (a place notoriously strapped for space), but I am obsessed with the idea of tiny planters. Seashells, thimbles, wine corks, even light bulbs - if it’s tiny, it’s plantable. Throw a tiny succulent in there and you’ve got yourself a miniature garden. The plants are inherently low maintenance; they’ll never grow to unruly proportions, require minimal watering, and can be whipped together in a snap. It’s the perfect starter plant project for a girl with gardening commitment issues.

(Photos: Courtesy of Furnish Burnish)

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